INFERNO® - Hibachis Grill (Countertop)
    INFERNO® - Hibachis Grill (Countertop)

    INFERNO® - Hibachis Grill (Countertop)
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    Includes 1 x Mesh grid. 

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    Recommended to:

    Restaurants, hotels, cafeterias, and coffee shops.


    • Maintenance - Easy Cleaning.
    • Compact design - Easy storage.
    • FUEL - Charcoal or Wood.
    • Versatile - Meat/Veggies/Fish
    • Robust - Build to last.
    • Tailor-made - Bespoke color finish.
    • Color options - Green/Black.
    • Zero thermal shock - Will not crack from fire.


    MODEL Inferno® Hibaschis Grill
    DIMENSIONS 120mm High / Width 250mm / Depth 250mm
     WEIGHT 3kg
    FIRE UP TIME +- 25min
    CHARCOAL CONSUMPTION +-2-3kg every 4hours
    CAPACITY 60-80 diners