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POLARCAB - Self-contained Ice-machine - 40kg

POLARCAB - Self-contained Ice-machine - 40kg

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    • Durable body with a stainless steel cabinet.
    • Space-saving design.
    • Ideal for bar and under-counter application. 
    • Removable filter for easy cleaning - protects against condenser blockage.
    • Supplied with an in-line water filter.
    • Supplied with a water inlet pipe, ice scoop, and water drainage pipe. 
    • LCD control panel.

    Installation conditions 

    • Ambient temperature: minimum +10°C / max +38°C.
    • Water temperature: min +3° / max +28°C 
    • Voltage: +/- 10%.
    • Water pressure: min 1 bar (14psi) / max 6 bar (84psi)

    Model PolarCab LB80S-C
    Electricity 220V, Single phase
    Dimensions 510 x 450 x 840mm High
    Weight 35Kg
    Production per 24 hours 40Kg
    Storage capacity 20Kg
    Cube Gourmet cube shape - 18gr
    Refrigerant gas  R404a
    Packed dimensions 590 x 545 x 860mm High
    Packed weight 45Kg
    Order code IMP/LB80S-C


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